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There are two Candidates Houses; one in Batticaloa and the other in Negombo. Each candidates house can accommodate maximum 20 candidates. Candidates are from Grades 10 to 13.

Preference is given to those in rural areas and in need of a place at the Candidates House (Internal Candidates). Others are followed from their home environment (External Candidates). There is a follow up of external candidates to keep up their institutional belonging. Parents of the candidates are met occasionally.

For the selected Candidates, a screening process is followed before admission which will be done by the Candidates Director with the help of other Jesuits.

Wherever possible a Candidate is expected to make suitable financial contribution for his board, lodging, tuition, etc.

The formation emphasis of the Candidates House is basic Christian family life; Jesuit Tradition and integral formation of a person. Emphasis is placed in learning English along with other skill developments.

Always a Jesuit Priest is in-charge of the Candidates House supported by a Brother or a Scholastic.

St Xavier’s Institute
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Loyola House
C/O Manresa Retreat House,
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