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Cooperation with the Laity in Mission

“The Society of Jesus acknowledges as a grace of our day and a hope for the future that laity “take an active, conscientious, and responsible part in the mission of the Church in this great moment of history” We seek to respond to this grace by offering ourselves in service to the full realization of this mission of the laity, and we commit ourselves to that end by cooperating with them in their mission.” (cf.,GC 34, no. 331 )

Lay leadership in works of the Society
“The emerging “Church of the Laity” will also have an impact on our own Jesuit apostolic works. This transformation can enrich these works and expand their Ignatian character.”  (cf., GC 34, no. 354)

Developing an Ignatian apostolic network
“A challenge for future cooperation with the laity in mission can be found in the number of individuals, co-workers, former Jesuits, associations, and communities both lay and religious who find a common spirituality and apostolic motivation in the experience of the Spiritual  Exercises. The grace of the new era of the Church and the movement to solidarity impel us to work more decisively to strengthen the bonds among all these persons and groups. Thus, we, in the Sri Lanka province hope to develop such an Ignatian apostolic network, called Jesuit Lay Associates (JLA).” (GC 34, nos. 355)

“The possibility of joining lay persons more closely to the Society was given official recognition in GC 31. Some experience of closer bonding has occurred since then. GC 34 viewed this as one among several ways of future lay cooperation.” (GC 34, nos. 357)

A call to renewal
“Cooperation with the laity is both a constitutive element of our way of proceeding and a grace calling for individual, communal , and institutional renewal. It invites us to service of the ministry of lay people, partnership with them in mission, and openness to creative ways of future cooperation. The Spirit is calling us as “men for and with others” to share with lay men and women what we believe, who we are, and what we have, in creative companionship, for “the help of souls and the greater glory of God.”” (GC 34, no. 360)

Collaboration at the Heart of  Mission
“As men sent by the Vicar of Christ, we are led more and more to offer our gifts and to share with others the Good News of the Kingdom. Following the inspiration of the Second Vatican Council, the Society of Jesus has been transformed by a profound movement of the Spirit. Recognising this, GC 34 approved the decree, “Cooperation with the Laity in Mission”, that both affirmed and encouraged apostolic collaboration, calling on Jesuits to cooperate with others in their projects and  in ours (GC 34, D. 13, n.7.). GC 35, reviewing our own life and service to the Church, and noting how the seeds which have been scattered through the inspiration of GC34 are yielding a harvest “thirty, sixty, and even a hundredfold (Mk 4:8),” renews our commitment to apostolic collaboration and to a profound sharing of labour for the life of the Church and the transformation of the world.” (GC 35, D.6, n.2)

St. Ignatius, a gift to the Church and to the World

Dear All,
St. Ignatius is a gift, not only to the Society of Jesus but to the Church and to the whole world. Let us explore together how best, following the movement of the Spirit, we can make this gift available to all our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka. Let us seek fresh avenues to carry forward this Mission by better collaboration and corporation.

Come one, come all; let us share our vision and mission for a better world!

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