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The scholastic forum of the Sri Lanka Province consists of Jesuits from the time of the first vows to the time of their priestly ordination. Rev Fr Milroy Fernando SJ, the Province Coordinator for Formation guides and animates the group. This is a gathering of scholastics for various purposes. We have our annual gathering during the summer vacation when all scholastics will be free from their academic activities and few coming back to the country on several reasons. The annual scholastic meet is a time to share with each other ones experiences as a scholastic in a specific period of formation. Moreover we discuss about the yearly initiatives that we would wish to involve ourselves. For the past couple of years scholastics have taken up the initiative such as helping the vocation promotion team in organizing camps and programmes, publishing the scholastic e-magazine Vaagni once in three months etc. We come together for retreats, monthly recollections and many other common activities. The team of officials appointed by the scholastics helps in coordinating and improving streams of communication between scholastics.

Province Coordinator for Ordained Scholastics (PCOS).
Fr. Joseph Anthony Pillai will take care of ordained scholastics until they complete their Tertianship and pronounce the final vows. The new office will be effective in the Province since 01st June 2018.