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On the request of Fr. Anthony Pillai, Province Coordinator for Formation of Ordained Scholastics (PCF-OS) – after Ordination until Final vows -, I convoked a meeting of all those fall under the above category. The meeting was held at the Provincialate in Negombo on 27th of July, 2018.

I took this step since many provinces in the Society had frequently expressed a deep concern regarding the absence of guidance for scholastics between the period of their ordination and final vows. This is a period in Jesuit Formation that many do not get the opportunity as in a formation house of coming together to share their common interests, ideas and expectations and guided spiritually and intellectually by competent Jesuits. The Society expects from those responsible for guidance of the ordained scholastics to create opportunities to grow in appreciation of their vowed life now crowned with priestly ordination.

Fr. Lawrence travelled to Buenos Aires, Argentina to attend the 2018 CLC World Assembly which was held from 22 July to 01 August.

Noel Ajanthan returned to Sri Lanka on the 16th of July after completing his studies at Collegio Internazionale del Gesù, Rome.

New Appointments:
Emil Lucien-Pastoral Ministry in Mannar Diocese and the Director of Loyola Campus, Mannar